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Online Presence, Web Design and SMM

We provide complete strategic Digital Marketing support for your brand to achieve your goals.

To find your identity in crowded marketplaces, it’s our goal to learn more about you as well as ins and outs of your business and industry. Just like a doctor, we examine the pulse of your business and your digital presence through a detailed study and audit to introduce you to the best way to move forward.

It is essential for your Personal Brand to have a nice looking, modern website that communicates your values and clearly delivers your message. It’s equally important that it works smoothly across all devices, loads fast and never crashes. Whatever option you choose (HTML, WordPress or Custom coded website), our UX experts would make sure that your website looks great, just like you envisioned it. We can make either one-page simple presentational website or template-based WordPress that are easy to update and add content, or build a custom multipage complex e-commerce website to showcase a lot of products or courses for your online school or mobile app. In the last case we can build a personalized solution for you in PHP or React, depending on what the specifications are. We are proficient at working in different programming languages to guarantee that your website will work effectively.

And yet, even if you have the best product, amazing website, great story, perfect business model and the best price structure… it doesn’t mean that your clients would see you or know where to find you.

To help you get to the next level, we can provide technical support to promote your website in the digital space to make sure that you use the full potential of your search traffic with amazing content, which is loved by both users and search engines. That’s when Search Engine Optimization comes to play. We see it as both – the science and the art of bringing your website to the top rankings on Google search. Every website we build includes SEO (optimization for Google) and setup for the basic website tools ( Google Analytics or Search Console as an option).

Another efficient way of driving traffic to your website are paid ads which are paid for depending on the number of clicks (PPC campaigns/Google Ads). An effective PPC campaign saves you a lot of money because what you are really purchasing is a keyword to proactively respond to your customer’s search intent. That is why Google Ads tend to have the biggest ROI out of all digital marketing channels (depending on the niche, budgets and some other factors).

Besides Google, most customers actively use all social media platforms. Yet for us, only creating posts on Facebook is not enough for an effective social media management. We see it as an artistic skill of communicating with your audience in a particular way to discover where they are and what they need. We adjust the message for every social media platform while still staying consistent to your brand voice.

We can help you select the best social media channel for your business to create and execute a perfect social media strategy, which gets you where you want to be.
We know this is a lot of information to process, but don’t worry – we’ve got your back!

Schedule a discovery call with us to see how we can support you while developing your digital brand the right way.