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Creating Your Personal Brand: Identity and Strategy

To build your remarkable Personal Brand with authority Online and Offline, we are giving you both: big picture strategy and a detailed roadmap to follow step-by-step. We’ll examine your personal website if you have one to make sure it’s fixed or develop a brand new that looks professional and represents You in the best way. Additionally, we’ll share our extensive list of Personal Branding Tools and hacks to use by yourself in future.

To start, we’ll do an appraisal of your current Personal Brand to determine where you are today, define your specialized areas of expertise and find your niche. We get it, it’s hard to be objective about your own strengths and weaknesses. That’s why we can do it together to create a list of skills you need to work on the most, and which would benefit from refreshing, which ones you can work on alone, and which may require a qualified teacher.

Then we’ll define your target audience (and learn how to speak their language) with specific questions to attract the perfect clients to your business and find your angle (unique perspective to mark every piece of content we develop). We can help you to set up or complete in full your social media profiles with particular attention to LinkedIn as the most important platform for professional services experts. If needed, we can enhance your current Bio and add credibility-boosting features (articles you can write, speeches you deliver and industry rewards you’ve won, etc ) to communicate your value without selling out.

You also need Personal Branding Statement, a long and short version of your strategic Bio, showcase and present your achievements the best way, awesome profile photos, Social Media and networking strategy with influencers in your field, engage in public speaking gigs, getting featured in Media using Ladder Method and maybe more, depending on your goals. We can also help you to create your media kit and add video reels of your public speaking clips. For your personal website we’ll go over all options (HTML, WordPress or Custom Coded website) and explain in detail all pros and cons of each one to find the best solution for you.

We’ve got a strategy for you to put into play! Just remember big titles and a significant income raise are the outcomes of our work, not goals. The goal is to clearly communicate your style, value and impact authentically.

Interested to open a lot more opportunities for You in business and life with efficient Personal Brand strategy?

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