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Anna Leonti

Founder of WBC, Creative PB Strategist, Image ConsultantGlobal keynote speaker on Personal Branding

Anna Leonti has over 15 years of extensively international experience and deep industry knowledge of Branding, Marketing, Journalism and Psychology resulting from her work in NYC, Moscow, all over Europe, Middle East and South East Asia. Anna’s clients include American, European and Asian business owners, entrepreneurs, VC, Investors and public figures. In New York she founded World Brand Company (WBC), a Personal Brand Agency to help business owners and public figures to grow and accelerate their global influence.

Recognized for her expertise in Personal Branding, Anna has been featured in various interviews: RUSA Radio (New York, USA), 2Capitales Radio (Paris, France), Radio Echo of Moscow (Makhachkala, Russia). She has appeared on Russian National Television for the documentary concerning the current situation in Education and received the prestigious “Golden Fund of Russia Award” as a holder of educational grant in the festival “Ways of Hope.” In 2018, Anna appeared on BernamaTV – a main national news agency in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) as a special guest on the primetime live talk show, ‘Bernama Today’. Later in 2018, business coach and strategist from Las Vegas (USA), Kevin A. Dunlap invited Ms Leonti for an interview in Season 2 of his show “Life’s Little Lessons”.

Anna Leonti holds a Journalism and Mass Communication degree, with concentrations in Media, Culture and Society from Fordham University (New York, USA). She proudly received the Dean’s Scholarship Award for her academic excellence. After graduation, she continued professional experience working at United Nations Headquarters: UN TV and Multimedia and also at Population Fund – International Development Agency (UNFPA).

Before relocating to NYC, Anna studied Entrepreneurship at the Academy of Management and Marketing (Moscow, Russia). In 2003 she established her own company, called ‘Alta Vista’, where she was consulting executives, top management and CEOs on business and cross-cultural communication. As she developed extensive networks within business and media communities, her success in the industry brought new opportunities. In 2005 Anna was invited to the United States as the distinguished guest speaker of the month at the Board of Directors of International Business Group located in Kalamazoo, MI.

As a journalist, Anna Leonti contributed to making a documentary film in Sri Lanka by narrating her travel experience and learning about traditional Sri Lankan culture, ancient wisdom, Singhala language, traditional herbal medicine, wildlife and regional cuisine.