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Personal branding and design

Taking control of your Personal Brand makes the difference between the person nobody wants to work with and a popular expert in your field that people trust.

World Brand Company (WBC) combines effective Personal Brand Strategy Consulting with outstanding Design Services – essential to stay ahead of the competition and promote your unique value and your image to your audience.

We create Personal Brand Strategy for entrepreneurs, business owners, public figures, executives and professionals to improve your public image, become more influential, wealthy and incredibly satisfied with work.

At WBC we are passionate about bringing all our skills and experience to create unique, meaningful and successful Personal Brand that distinguishes you from everyone else on the planet.

We would love to see how we can make a difference in your life!

Your Personal Brand visuals

We need to make sure that your 3 L’s  (Look, Logo & Line) are in sink and send the same message, so people immediately know who you are. We will develop most attractive design for your logo, business cards, website and printing materials

Your Brand Positioning Statement

We are defining your brand to help people understand who you are, your value that they might be interested in and the difference between you and everyone else in the world who are doing the same thing. 

Your Personal Brand audience

The group of people we are creating your brand FORbefore transferring it online and off-line. It’s definitely not “everyone”, but your audience that will effectively engage with you and your business.

Our services

Brand Strategy

Developing Brand strategy/positioning,
Brand style guide

Graphic design

Logo & Brand Design, Style Guide (Business Card, Brochure DL, Poster, Packaging & labels, Stationery design etc).


Design consuitation, Core value assessment: External and Internal Evaluation, Photography (half-day shoot)


Сontent plan for your web site (five standard website pages) and presentations , Delicious texts for your brand


Promotion of social networks, Social media plan, Blog content plan & keywords, Website & online strategy

Web design

Start-up CMS website 1 page (Landing page), MS website 5-10 pages, CMS website online store, Website renovation

For more convenient cooperation, we have developed the optimal packages for your brand!

Our team

Anna leonti

Co-Owner of WBC,
Brand Strategist and Devoted Philanthropist

Anna Leonti creates strategy for effective and authentic Personal Brand (aka soft power) for Executives, Entrepreneurs, Politicians and Public Figures to improve their Image and communicate their Value and Ideas through self-presentation and social media presence.

media appearance

BernamaTV (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
DaNu Radio (New York, USA)
2Capitales Radio (Paris, France)
Channel One (Moscow, Russia)

What People Say About Us

Stunning team of specialists! The highest level of work quality! My brand has changed because of the talent of World Brand Company! 

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«If people like you, they will listen to you. But if they trust you, they will do business with you

— Anna Leonti

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